Learning Journey 25th March, 2019

Topic – Children will be reading a variety of poems and will perform one for the class. They will plan and write their own poems.

SPaG- learning about adverbs. What adverbs are and when to use them in their writing.

Spelling – To understand and use the suffix ‘ally’.

Maths-  finding fractions of a set of objects

1/4 are purple

PE – Hockey – the children will learn about dribbling and controlling the ball, passing and tackling.

PE – Dance – children will create their own routines using some of the dance moves they have learnt e.g. grapevine, march and step and slide.

RE- recount the parable of the prodigal son.

PSHE-The children will learn about how some household substances can be harmful if not used correctly.

This week’s learning

This week the children have learnt about omnivores, carnivores and herbivores. They classified animals into different categories: mollusc, invertebrates and vertebrates.

Why not ask the children to give you some examples of a mollusc? What would a giraffe be classed as?

The children have also been creative this week and have learnt different shading techniques which they have then used in their fruit sketches.


Unit and non-unit Fractions

Timestables online game https://www.topmarks.co.uk/maths-games/7-11-years/times-tables

Spelling – To understand and use the suffix ‘ally’

Learning Journey for 18th March 2019

Topic – Classifying animals by their skeletons and diets.

Art- using pencil and charcoal shading techniques

Shading Techniques

Maths – Tenths- understanding, using and counting in tenths

P.E Dance- exploring dynamics in dance music

R.E- How biblical characters changed after meeting Jesus

PSHE- As part of our ‘Healthy Me’ unit, this week we are looking at how to keep ourselves and others safe.