Learning Journey for the week beginning 20.01.2020.

Topic – the children will be reading out key text Stone Age Boy. they will find out all about his life in the Stone Age and will gather and collect vocabulary. They will also look at the features of a diary, and then plan and write their own diary entry as the Stone Age Boy.

Maths – we are continuing to focus on the formal short written method of division with and with out remainders.

P.E – the children are really enjoying learning different dance routines to a particular piece of music. They will work in small groups to choreograph their own routine using the basic dance steps taught.

In tennis, the children will continue to practise simple ball control skills using their fore hand and back hand.

R.E – due to the fabulous opening or out new school library last week, our R.E lesson on Ganesha will take place this week.

PSHE – we will be looking at lesson 3 – looking at strategies to overcome disappointment.

Computing – we will be using the chromebooks to create a powerpoint on the Stone Age.


Reading – please continue to encourage your child to read, it can be their school reading book, or a book of their choice. they need to read for at least 15 minutes a day and record it in their reading diaries.

Spellings – words with the possessive s and continuing to learn the statutory Year 3 and 4 words.

Maths – learning the 6 times table.

Maths 10.01.2020

Today in maths we used counters and cubes to help us solve some division with remainder word problems.

The children worked in pairs to count out and share out the counters to solve the problems. This was excellent practice fro them in preparation for next week when we look at dividing by 10, 100 and 1000 and learn all about the formal written method of short division.