Learning Journey 10th June 2019

Topic/Art week – This week will be art week for the children. The children will be learning about the artist Andy Warhol. They will be doing an artist study and will create an artist study page which includes key facts about the artist. They will have an opportunity at examining some of his famous pieces of work where they will discuss colour, contrast and mood. The children will learn the skill of using different colours for contrast and then will have an opportunity to explore and use different colours. They will then create an image in the likeness of Andy Warhol.

Maths – This week we will continue our exploration of measurement with mass. We will be comparing weight, adding and subtracting mass, converting between  g and kg and solving word problems involving mass.

PSHE– The children will learn that babies grow and develop in the mother’s uterus and they will discuss what a baby needs to live and grow.

RE – The children will learn about faith and Jesus’ teachings on it.

Indoor PE – The children will learn about dance and will create a water dance. The first lesson will focus on moving in unison.

PE –Cricket – The children will learn how to throw and catch an underarm pass.

This Week’s Learning

This week the children started their new topic Groovy Greeks. For their hook activity they designed and decorated their own Ancient Greek vase. They looked at a timeline to see where Ancient Greece fitted in and then looked at main events that occurred within that time. They researched information about the four city states: Athens, Argos, Sparta and Corinth. They used this information to create group posters and then presented this information to the class. They then wrote a paragraph describing the city state of their choice.