Year 4’s DT project.

The children have worked hard this week planning and creating their fabulous rainforests in a shoebox.

They used natural items such as pea gravel, leaves and flowers, along with tissue paper, feathers, pipe cleaners and a variety of material, paper and card.

They learn how to use a hot glue gun (under adult supervision) and how to use wool to join materials together.

We are very please with the end results. What do you think?

Learning Journey for week beginning 29th October 2019

Topic – the children will spend the first week playing different sports and looking at rules and instructions.

Maths – we are continuing to look at the redistribute strategy.

This strategy encourages the children to mentally round a number to a ten or hundred to make it simpler to add. E.g 130 + 90 = 120 + 100 = 220. you take a ten from one end to add it to the other so you can easily calculate in your head.


Indoor PE we will be continuing with Gymnastics, this time using the apparatus.

Outdoor PE we will be learning different football skills.

R.E we are continuing to learn about Hinduism.

French – the children will be learning all about different sports.

Computing – the children will be using the chromebooks to use Scratch. They will learn how to write simple programs.


Please encourage your child to learn their spellings over half term and to read daily.

Our new topic is Sport in Action, please encourage your child to find out about a sport. They can watch it on the tv, on the internet or visit the library to find out more.

They can produce a poster, a fact file or a set of instructions for their chosen sport.

Above all, please have a great fun filled half term as the children have been working incredibly hard.

See you back at school on Tuesday 29th October 2019.

Reminder for Zoolab

Please don’t forget Year 4 are having their Zoolab workshop on Friday 18th October.

Please come and join your child during this workshop and learn all about a variety of rainforest animals.

Holly class – 9.30 to 10.30

Beech Class 11.00 to 12.00

We look forward to seeing you!