Topic – We have been working really hard this week on our diaries – we imagined we were Howard Carter making his famous discovery of King Tutankhamun’s tomb.  We enjoyed writing these and really enjoyed trying to get into the mind of Howard Carter.  The end results were fantastic and showed a great range of vocabulary!

Maths: In Maths this week we continued with multiplication and division.  Last week we introduced this by revising our 2 times tables, multiplying by 2 and dividing by 2.  This week we looking at our 4 times tables – we learnt that the 2s are just double 4s.  We used blocks of 4 cubes to help us with the number sentences needed.  We also showed multiplication and division using a bar model and array.


In Literacy skills we look at the structure of newspapers – we read true articles about cheese found in ancient Egyptian tombs and also cat mummies found in the tombs – we really enjoyed these and are ready to write our own articles next week!

In RE we have started our new unit about the Christmas story.  We created puppets of Mary, Joseph and the Angel Gabriel and acted out what happened when the angel told Mary she was going to have a special baby.

In PE this week we had to create maps of our playground to direct our friends to certain points.  We learnt that using the same symbols helps everybody to find their way!