Maths – The children will be investigating volume and capacity this week. We will be exploring, measuring and problem solving

Topic – The children will be investigating different materials such as bubble wrap, tin foil, sandpaper to test which materials create more or less friction.

The children will also evaluate puppets, plan their own puppets and then will create the puppets using blanket stitch and two pieces of fabric.

PSHE- The children will learn about how their needs and rights are shared with children across the world and how other children’s lives might be different.

RE – The children will be learning about the Lord’s prayer and then will create a poster about what the Lord’s Kingdom might look like.

Indoor PEGymnastics– The children will learn to land a roll in a variety of different shapes and to create a sequence.

Outdoor PEAthletics – The children will learn to link three phases of a jump such as the approach, take off and landing.