Week Ending 18th January

Topic – We are really getting into our new topic this half term! We looked closely at San Francisco – listing the human and physical features of the city. We compared San Francisco and London – discussing the need for earthquake resistant buildings in San Francisco and not London – why?!

Human and Physical features of San Francisco

We watched a clip of the 1989 San Francisco earthquake – we talked about what happened during and after the earthquake. We then started to plan our own newspaper reports about this disaster.

Maths: In Maths this week we have continued with multiplying using the multiplication column method. We are now looking at exchanging in each column. This is still tricky but we are working hard!

We have also been working hard on our times tables, please ask your child which times tables they are working on so that you can support them at home also.

In Literacy skills we looked at finding key information in a non-fiction text. We learnt additional information about fossils – which we will need for our work next week.

In RE we have started our mini topic on Islam. We learnt about the prophets and also we looked at the importance of a mandala. A mandala represents the universe – we then enjoyed colouring these in!

In PE this week we enjoyed our Games session on Friday – learning the dribble with the ball. In Gymnastics on Monday we learn about using gymnastic equipment to support our shapes.

Another busy week in Year 3 – our teachers are very proud of us!


Thank you everyone who completed their homework on time – to remind you, homework will be set on a Friday (times tables, spellings and then either Maths or Writing) and it is due in on Thursday. If you have any problems completing the homework, please let us know and your child can attend Homework Club on Friday lunchtime.

This week we have set Maths homework:  We are completing multiplication using the column method this week and to help support your child with this we have set homework linked to this. If your child finds this tricky and you need any further support with this – please come along to our Coffee Morning on Tuesday or speak with your child’s class teacher.

Spellings: Our spellings this week include adding suffixes beginning with a vowel to words with more than 1 syllable: beginning, beginner, occurring, occurred, preferring, preferred. The Year 3 words are: woman, various, peculiar, special. Please ensure you complete the spelling sheet when you hand in your homework on Thursday – do not hand your homework in early as the spelling sheet will not be fully completed!

Reading: Remember to read at home at least 4 times a week and ensure that the reading diary is signed at the bottom of the page – reading diaries will be checked on a Monday morning and a raffle ticket will be given to all who have read at least 4 times!

Mental Maths: We have sent home times tables sheets to complete and discuss with your child – please ensure they are handed in with the homework – thank you! 

Next Week’s Learning

Topic: Next week we will start writing up our newspaper reports based on earthquakes in San Francisco. We have planned the headlines and columns – now we are eager to get writing!

We will also be starting to look at how the Earth is formed and will be categorising rocks – we will become rock detectives!

Maths: In Maths next week, we are continuing our work on multiplication using the column method – both classes have found this tricky so please help us by regularly practicing times tables at home!

PE:  Outdoor Games – we will be continuing our basketball skills – learning to control the ball! Don’t forget we need trainers and joggers for outside PE on a Friday – it’s getting colder!

PE: Indoor Gymnastics – this half term we will be looking at gymnastics in PE on a Monday. We will be looking at shapes of movements this week.

PSHE: We will be looking at planning a dream garden this week.

Computing: We will be continuing with our e-safety mini topic and we hope to get to use the Chromebooks for the first time!

Literacy skills:  We are learning to retrieve information from non-fiction texts; the texts we will be looking at are earthquakes – all linking to our topic of Extreme Earth! We will also be looking at using inverted commas in sentences.