This Week’s Learning

This week the children started their new topic Groovy Greeks. For their hook activity they designed and decorated their own Ancient Greek vase. They looked at a timeline to see where Ancient Greece fitted in and then looked at main events that occurred within that time. They researched information about the four city states: Athens, Argos, Sparta and Corinth. They used this information to create group posters and then presented this information to the class. They then wrote a paragraph describing the city state of their choice.

This weeks learning

This week the children investigated different materials (bubble wrap, sandpaper, laminating sheets, tin foil, concrete and carpet) to see which ones created less friction. The children had fun evaluating different puppets and then had the opportunity to design and create their own puppets. They created their own puppets using felt and stitched the felt together using a blanket stitch, they then included their special features onto their puppets for example a mask or initial of their superhero.

This week’s learning

This week the children used atlases to identify where non-renewable resources are in the world. They learnt about global warming and had to explain the effects of global warning. The children looked at persuasive pieces of writing where they identified the features and discussed the language within the writing.  They then planned their own letters and wrote a persuasive letter to Ms Bretherick asking her to purchase solar panels for the school.

Maths -we explored length, we practiced measuring, converting between units of measurement and solving word problems.

This week’s learning

This week in maths the children explored 2D and 3D shapes. We investigated their varies properties including different types of lines, and how many vertices, corners and edges. To assist their understanding we built 3D models of varies shapes.

This week in topic we completed character descriptions of Litterbug Doug and wrote our own versions of the story, focusing on our vocabulary choices.

We also learnt about different sources of energy and the difference between renewable and non-renewable energy.

Week Ending 18th January

Topic – We are really getting into our new topic this half term! We looked closely at San Francisco – listing the human and physical features of the city. We compared San Francisco and London – discussing the need for earthquake resistant buildings in San Francisco and not London – why?!

Human and Physical features of San Francisco

We watched a clip of the 1989 San Francisco earthquake – we talked about what happened during and after the earthquake. We then started to plan our own newspaper reports about this disaster.

Maths: In Maths this week we have continued with multiplying using the multiplication column method. We are now looking at exchanging in each column. This is still tricky but we are working hard!

We have also been working hard on our times tables, please ask your child which times tables they are working on so that you can support them at home also.

In Literacy skills we looked at finding key information in a non-fiction text. We learnt additional information about fossils – which we will need for our work next week.

In RE we have started our mini topic on Islam. We learnt about the prophets and also we looked at the importance of a mandala. A mandala represents the universe – we then enjoyed colouring these in!

In PE this week we enjoyed our Games session on Friday – learning the dribble with the ball. In Gymnastics on Monday we learn about using gymnastic equipment to support our shapes.

Another busy week in Year 3 – our teachers are very proud of us!

Week ending 10th January

Topic – Our new topic for this half term is ‘Extreme Earth’. We will be learning about extreme natural events: earthquakes, volcanoes, hurricanes etc. We will be plotting places that have experienced these on maps. Also, we will be looking at the make up of our earth and looking at fossils.

This week, we kicked off in dramatic style we an earthquake in the Year 3 classroom! We showed the children a clip of an earthquake occurring in the classroom and then allocated roles: doctor, victim, rescue worker etc.

We had to work together to help the injured and fix the classroom!

We really enjoyed this start to our new topic and it helped us understand the devastating impact of an earthquake.

We have also been looking at other natural disasters around the world – we had a selection of photographs and had to work in a group to order them from most extreme to least.

We have also been learning about the tectonic plates under the Earth’s crust.  We compared them to jelly – when 2 plates of jelly crash together they make the jelly wobble – just like when 2 tectonic plates crash together!  We then got to eat the jelly once we had finished!

Maths: In Maths this week we have started our mini topic on multiplying using the multiplication column method. We found this tricky to start – but both classes persevered and by the end of the week we felt more confident in our new skills.

We have also been working hard on our times tables, please ask your child which times tables they are working on so that you can support them at home also.

In Literacy skills we looked at predicting what might happen in a story – using our knowledge of story structure, personal experiences and also what happened in other books from the same series. This is something you can continue to work on with your child at home – thank you!

In RE we have started our mini topic on Islam. We learnt how the word Islam means peace. We understand that it is important to learn about different religions to be understanding of all people and also because we are a multi-faith school and we are gaining an understanding of our friends’ cultures.

In PE this week we had our first lesson on basketball – we learnt how to pivot on one foot – it was tricky but we will keep practicing!

It was a very busy 1st week back – but we all had fun and are ready for the next week already!