This Week’s Learning

Year 3 had an exciting start to the week with a trip to the British Museum. We enjoyed viewing all the artefacts and expanding our knowledge of Ancient Greece.

The excitement continued with our Sports Day on Wednesday and all the children enjoyed taking part in a range of team activities.

In topic we enjoyed writing a diary entry from the perspective of a Greek soldier. There were some lovely language choices and excellent descriptions.

This week’s Learning

This week the children continued their unit on term. The learnt about 24 hour time and practised converting it.

In topic we published some of our writing, completed our experiments and enjoyed the Science Day where we investigated the effects of force and motion using ramps and marbles!

This weeks learning

We have enjoyed tasting Greek food this week. For many it was our first experience tasting feta, hommus, and olives. We also learnt about Greek food.

In maths we have learnt how to read clocks to 1 min intervals, represent times accurately on clocks and how to convert to 24 hour time.

This week’s learning

This week in topic the children have learnt about the Olympics. We learnt about the Olympics’ Greek origins and compared the ancient and modern Olympics. We investigated the history, key historical figures, athletes, events and compared the changes over time. We wrote information reports detailing the similarities and differences between them.

In maths we continued our explorations with measurement with time. We revised months of the year, hour times and half hour times on analogue clocks.

This Week’s Learning

This week the children started their new topic Groovy Greeks. For their hook activity they designed and decorated their own Ancient Greek vase. They looked at a timeline to see where Ancient Greece fitted in and then looked at main events that occurred within that time. They researched information about the four city states: Athens, Argos, Sparta and Corinth. They used this information to create group posters and then presented this information to the class. They then wrote a paragraph describing the city state of their choice.

This weeks learning

This week the children investigated different materials (bubble wrap, sandpaper, laminating sheets, tin foil, concrete and carpet) to see which ones created less friction. The children had fun evaluating different puppets and then had the opportunity to design and create their own puppets. They created their own puppets using felt and stitched the felt together using a blanket stitch, they then included their special features onto their puppets for example a mask or initial of their superhero.